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"Building Confidence with Art and Cinema"

New Identity and Cinema

Welcome to the world of NIC (New Identity and Cinema). A life style of change, opportunity, and enhancement were our focus is your story. Having a new identity presented and allowing people to see themselves in a total different light is something that many have never experienced. Some people don’t see themselves or their company in a certain way, and our hope is that you’ll begin to see your true beauty and value. The new identity is not about changing who your are, but enhancing who you were made to become. We express our passion through the art of Photography, Video, and Animation with an innovative style. Our vision is to take you beyond the dream, and boost your confidence. We encourage, We believe, We are NIC!—The Heart and Passion of NiCoby Watkins

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  • "NiCoby, Thank you so much for the amazing work that you did with the video. We are very glad that we can relive our special day through the incredible video you made. I appreciate all of the hard work you put into it. You truly have an awesome talent. God bless you. Thanks again." -A.J.

    A.J and Erenis· Orlando, FL Wedding
  • "NiCoby, Just looked at the pictures & I can't stop smiling. Truly amazing work, you are awesome!!! Thank you for an outstanding photo shoot. Can't wait to use you again!! Be safe this weekend in your travels. Have a great weekend!!"

    Lisa Dotson· Minden, La
  • "I am speechless! The pictures are wonderful!"

    Germayne Graham· Ocoee, FL
  • "Thank you so much! I love them and can't wait to get some prints for my wall or dresser. (:" Best Regards, Carolina Padilla

    Eddie and Carolina· Orlando, FL
  • We deeply appreciate all the time and effort you've put into our wedding day and after. It was a pleasure to to work with you :) --Mai

    Scott and Tram· Coco Beach, FL

Cinematography Aj + Erenis

By: NiCoby Watkins

This was truly an amazing wedding. We’ve had a ton of fun shooting editing this film. Thank you Aj and Erenis. You guys are awesome. We hope you guys enjoy it just as we did. From yours truly New Identity and Cinema. Tanner Hall Winter Garden Wedding, FL. New Identity and Cinema, Wishful Concepts Catering and Personal Chef, Jax Premiere Weddings (decor), Al Dee Productions Dj