We Are NIC

New Identity and Cinema

New Identity and Cinema is a life style of change, enhancement, and opportunity. Our focus is your story. Having a new identity presented and allowing people to see themselves in a totally different light, is something that many people have never experienced. People don’t see themselves or their company in a certain way and our hope, is that people will see their true beauty and value. We express our passion through the art of Motion Graphics, Photography, and Cinema with an innovative style. From corporate to personal, whether you’re a business owner, getting married, need portraits, having a networking event, birthday party, etc. hiring a professional photographer, motion graphics artist, and cinematographer who not only documents it for you, but can also help steer you in the right direction for your project needs is always a great added touch! Our vision is to take you beyond the dream, and to help build your confidence. We encourage, We believe, We are NIC! —The Heart and Passion of NiCoby Watkins

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